Our Team:

        Doron Aviad
        Head of Security Division


Doron has gained 24 years of experience securing civilian and military projects around the globe. He has a deep understanding of the security needs of any site and the unique ability to tour an area and see it through the eyes of an intruder. This ability coupled with an engineering and business administration degree, allows him to provide solutions to the conceptual design, engineering, implementation, training and management of large-scale integrated security projects. Doron has worked on projects such as the 2004 Athens Olympic Games in Greece, the construction of the Meridian Hotel, The Central Bank of Nigeria and the Holiday Resort ‘Tinapa’ in Calabar, Nigeria. He secured 70 sites around Angola for the national oil company, Sonangol. He also consulted, planned and supervised the implementation of security systems within the Azrieli Tower, Tel Aviv, Israel. Doron has vast experience with high volt, low volt and very low volt systems including: CCTV systems, access control systems, conference systems, computers infrastructure, control center systems, computers and fibers-optic infrastructure and electricity system.

        Yair Aviad
        Head of Renewable Energy Division


Yair has vast experience in management and delivery of renewable energy and PV Solar projects in Asia Pacific and Australia. Yair has an engineering and business management degree and over 20 years of experience in technology and business development, ranging from PV Solar, semiconductor capital equipment, industrial-scale printers and consumer advertising media. He is greatly experienced at establishing local operations in Japan, Asia Pacific and Australia and leading local and ex-pat teams to project success and technical excellence.

  Eilon Zuckerman
  Project Manager - Engineering & Quality Control




Eilon has over 45 years of experience in engineering, quality control and project management. Eilon has an engineering and business management degree and his projects managements experience ranging from mechanical and quality control in natural gas station, pump stations, coal transportation systems, cement, constriction and piping installations projects. Eilon is also holding welding inspector and safety officer certifications.

   Michael Tamim
   Head of Installations Division


Michael has vast experience in installations and delivery of projects worldwide in communication systems, CCTV, renewable energy and infrastructure. Michael with his team has 30 years installation experience. With his team he helps Adore Group to deliver every project within budget and always on time.

   Oren Maron
   Head of Design Division


Oren is an Architectural Engineer who specializes in technical planning, illustrations and building presentations. Oren is responsible for drawing up plans and ensuring all aspects of the project are updated accordingly, setting up the project's administration and coordinating with suppliers. Oren has worked on various projects in Brazil, Mexico and Angola, as well as in Athens 2004 Olympic Games in Greece.

   Adi Burshtein
   Head of Customer Support

Adi is a system integrator. He has been working with electronic and security systems for the past 15 years. Having served as an aircraft technician in the Israeli Air Force, Adi then completed his studies at Tel Aviv Technical College. In 2003 Adi was awarded the job of integrator of security and surveillance at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games in Greece. Later on he moved onto a project in Brazil, integrating the security systems of two jails on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro with the control center being located in Rio de Janeiro itself.  Today, Adi is working as an integrator at Israel’s parliament building (The Knesset). The building has 400 cameras, a CCTV system, access control, VMD, IR and Microwave barrier.


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