AdoreGroup provides on-site security services such as: oil mines, hotels, airports, ports, railway stations, shopping centers and sporting and tourism venues. We will provide consultation, planning, design, installation, supervising and implementation services. We use the latest technology in electronic security and control rooms including training guards and patrols. AdoreGroup will recommend equipment and put together a team of professionals to install required equipment. All teams have vast experience in remote locations and on logistically difficult projects. AdoreGroup will provide detailed report on the exact requirements and deployment of security measures. Prior to implementation clients are provided with:

  • Plans for the exact location of security systems, guards and patrols
  • Detailed work plans
  • 3D layout of the work plans

AdoreGroup provides consulting services to public and private companies on the security needs of different sites and global locations. AdoreGroup will supervise the implementation of the security plans proposed by our consultants as well as the installation of any systems recommended at the different venues. Our professional team will provide training to all local security staff. Courses and Practice Drills will take place to ensure site is secured and personnel are trained.

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