• New Delhi Airport, India

    The project's objective was to manage the security for the New Delhi Airport.
    AdoreGroup was managing the implementation and installation of all command & control systems that are used to control the entire perimeter protection system at the airport.
    The system interfaces with a number of modules, including: buried cables, taut wire, mag bar, CCTV system, wireless antennas, PDA & Tablet PC, radars and thermic cameras. The project included three tiers.

  • Athens 2004 Olympic Games

    This project requires no introduction or explanation, the complexity of the job and the coordination required were enormous. AdoreGroup team worked closely with units of the Greek Army and the National Police.
    The project included:

    • 2000 security cameras
    • 300 traffic cameras placed at intersections around Athens
    • 200 monitors located in the control room
    • 100 expert team members including: engineers, programmers, technicians, draftsman and security specialists
    • 49 Venues spread throughout the country
    • 20 km of electronic underwater sensor fences
    • 10 Air & Sea Ports secured with heat sensors and night vision cameras
    • 1 control room
  • Nigeria, Calambar, Tinapa Business Resort

    The project included planning and supervising all security requirements for the site. Tinapa was built to be a world-class integrated business resort.
    Located on the Calabar River in Nigeria this 25sq. km project was protected by an electric fence patrolled 24 hours a day by a jeep connected via GPS to a central control room. We also included secured film studios, laser systems over the river and physical protection of several personnel (body guards).
    AdoreGroup implemented the project and trained all local security personals.

  • Azerbaijan Underground bunker

    This project took place in the General Headquarter of the Azerbaijanis army.
    AdoreGroup managed and implement the project for the army communication systems, videoconference, CCTV, fiber optic systems, army telephone infrastructure and army access control systems.

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